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#4 Plane

#4 Plane - Seating the and setting frog

4 Plane Frog Seating

4 Plan Frog Seating

Luckily for me seating the frog was easy. It took nothing more than using 220 grit silicone carbide powder and a little water. This was applied to the meeting faces of the frog and rubbed until the meeting faces had a nice even contact. I have highlighted these areas so you can see the even grey marks where the surfaces have been honed to fit sweetly. The aim of this step is to ensure the frog has a nice even bearing point with no rocking.

#4 planeend grain cutlong grain cutplane frogthin shavings

#4 Plane & The Frog

#4 Plane – Preparing the Cap Iron & Handles

#4 Plane & The Stay-Set Cap Iron

Cap Iron

With the sole nicely flattened it’s time to tune up the other elements of the plane. First up is some rust removal from the chip breaker/cap iron. This #4 Record came with a Stay Set cap iron which was a nice surprise, more on that later.

Cap Iron

#4 planeCap ironChip BreakerHammerite Rust removerRecord Stay Set

#4 Plane

4 plane

With the block plane refurbished and ready for work it’s time to turn my attention to the #4 Smoothing Plane. The #4 is the first of the “Bailey” pattern planes to receive attention. A smoothing plane does what you would expect with a name like smoothing. It applies a fine finish to your work after the use of the fore/jack and trying/jointer plane. It is also used for leveling and flattening of joints.

4 Plane

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