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Tool Reviews

Stanley Sweetheart Chisel Review

Quangsheng Luban No.92 Shoulder Plane

So you bought an Anant Handplane........

Anant hand plane review

Anant Handplane ReviewHandplane

Stanley 62 Sweetheart Review

Buy once if you can

Marples Chisels

Terry McKnight has been kind enough to share with us his thoughts on buying tools and more specifically chisels. Terry is a true enthusiast with a great perspective on woodworking and joinery. Please take a look at Terry’s woodworking blog for more useful info.

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Bench Planes

Bench Planes

With the tool chest done it’s now time to turn my attention to preparing my tools for their new home. No tool chest would be complete without the essential bench planes needed by the joiner. I would have very much liked to of invested in some premium planes from Lie-Nielsen or Clifton. Sadly for me my budget can’t stretch that far, or maybe that’s a good thing……..

The afore-mentioned companies do indeed make some wonderful tools, full of craftsmanship and attention to detail, but are the antique or vintage planes available from auction sites or car boot sales really that bad?

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A Pleasant Surprise

Chisels Hardwood Joinery

I must confess I did not expect anything from these budget chisels. They were cheap and I thought they would be appropriate for rough work and cleaning of glue splurges. However after they arrived I thought I would give them a quick trial at the bench to see how they performed.

Hardwood Joinery Chisels

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Dovetail Saw Review

Dovetail Saw

Sadly my dovetails are still not finished (although you will see from the photos they do exist)! There are 56 of them though and all hand cut. If only my lunch breaks were longer….

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Using The Record 45 Multi-Plane

Vintage Plane Joinery

So this is the first time I have used the Record 45 Multi-Plane. I have used standard plough planes and rebate planes during my time as an apprentice some 16 years ago so I was not totally in the dark. The Record Multi-Plane is a little more complex than other planes but fortunately the original manual was at hand. It is amazing just what this plane can handle. In it’s standard form it can plough, bead in the edge and centre, create a dado also known as housings, rebate and fillester, tongue & groove, sash mould and perform slitting.

Old PlanesRecord 45 Multi-PlaneSoftwood Joinery

Hand Tools

45 Multi Plane

I have recently had a renewed interest in using hand tools for my own projects and enjoyment. I am very fortunate that we have a very wide selection of old tools to choose from. We still have may of our family’s old tools in secure storage. The first tool I wanted to use is the record 45 multi-plane . For my project I am going to need to make some grooves and rebates. The great thing with the record multi-plane is that you can do grooving, rebating and moulding work all with one plane.

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