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Wood Facts

Old Wood - Old Pine vs New Pine

Softwood Joinery

Old Sash Window

Before I even start trying to negotiate this topic I warn you, my thoughts and observations are just those. Please don't use this blog post as a way to make decisions, however if you do have experiences similar to mine then do drop me a line!

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5 Facts About Accoya

Radiata Pine

Right, so why have you never heard of the Accoya tree? Well that’s because they don’t exist. Accoya starts of as Radiata Pine that is nearly always plantation grown. The Radiata Pine is harvested and then goes through a process of acetyation. This process creates a highly durable (as good as teak!) and stable timber. Ideal for external joinery and cladding without the need to use preservatives. Its properties mean it’s a viable and higher performing option when compared to hardwoods.

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5 Facts About Pine

Joinery Quality Softwood

Ok so that’s a really bad title to start. However most people in UK call this timber pine or even more generically softwood! The timber I am talking about is European Redwood. This is what most timber trims such as skirting and architraves, structural timbers and price sensitive joinery is made from. It’s a real jack-of-all-trades timber but be really careful where you use it. We have experienced higher levels of moisture movement and durability issues so proceed with caution……

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5 Facts about oak

Prime Grade Oak

As I have not been able to finish my dovetails yet I thought I would share 5 facts about European Oak.

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