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Squirrel Attacks Window!

Squirrel Attack

We've had a few odd requests over the years, the most peculiar was a request for my Dad to be a life model. But this was a new one for me, Squirrel attack!!!. See below my client's email and the damage on the photo above.

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How to Determine Casement Window Handing

How to Determine Window Handing

Determine Window Handing

Casement windows are one of our most popular items of joinery, most are of "flush" design but many are "stormproof" style as well. One of the basic things we need to communicate between the the designer, craftsman and client is the handing of the casement. Thankfully it's very easy. First of all when discussing any item of joinery it is agreed we talk about it viewed from the outside of the dwelling, in the same way we read building plans or blueprints.

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