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At G S Haydon we work hard to minimize our impact on the environment. In 2011 we decided to fit a solar PV system to the roof of our premises that now accounts for around 20% of our electricity and saves 2.2tonnes of CO2 per year.


In our workshop we also utilize a biomass heater that burns all of our wood waste products saving on land fill and energy that would have been used on an electric/gas/oil space heater.

All of our wood shavings waste gets compressed into briquettes that then get used as fuel again helping land fill.

In addition to these points we are also within a FSC chain of custody. We decided to offer FSC products to encourage and promote managed and responsibly sourced timber and enable our clients to meet specifications on Local Authority and National park projects.

We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment. To achieve this we have implemented the following

  • Solar PV system that generates around 20% of our electricity
  • Biomas boiler for space heating fuelled by our wood waste
  • Wood shavings recycled into fuel briquettes
  • Packaging recycled where possible