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Devon Countryside

As you might of noticed it's been quiet on the blog since October last year. The reason being is I've been lucky enough to write a weekly blog post forĀ Popular Woodworking Magazine. I'm delighted to be be writing for them. The Editor Megan Fitzpatrick has been excellent and given me a great deal of room, I can pretty much write about whatever is on my mind. Sadly for her she has the task of trying to make anything I write make sense. Anyone reading this blog will sadly have to put up with my average grasp of English!

It's been great to have people commenting on what I write and I'm thankful for anyone who has shared their thoughts with me whether at Popular Woodworking or here on this blog. I personally feel it's important to respond to comments and if I ever miss one I am sorry!

I take nothing for granted though and if I was asked to stop I would do so with no ill feeling. If anyone had said to me when I started work in the late 1990's that I would be sharing my thoughts on woodworking via the internet on an American magazines website my response would of been "what is the internet". I've been aware how woodworking is woven into the minds of many people from this island but I never anticipated how just how vibrant and varied the American passion for all things woodworking is. I think it's fair to say that the woodworkers on that continent have contributed massively to the progression and enhancement of woodworking.

However I've decided I need to write some more content for this blog as I still have the urge to share things that interest me here too. The photo above gives a hint of what's going to be happening. I want to try and stand back from the bench a little and see what's going on in a Joinery workshop of today. I'm hoping that will give a nice contrast to my efforts for Popular Woodworking.