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It's has been a really busy week in our workshop. Many orders out the door and plenty of new projects to start. This has left little spare time to write a blog post. I hope to get into the workshop tomorrow for some recreational woodworking and perhaps film a video if I have the time. So what can I offer the few visitors to this blog? Perhaps some inspiration from others. Here's a Blog worth following if you like proper, period hand tool woodworking. At the Eaton County Woodworker you will find the hugely talented Zach Dilinger. The quality of the projects and the methods used are always an eye opener. One project that always catches my eye is the William & Mary Spice Chest. At first glance it's impressive, once you clock the scale it's a whole new ball game. I would like to dream that my clumsy sausage fingers would be capable of such craft but the reality is it might be beyond me.

Also on the list of things currently beyond me is carving. A video that has recently caught my eye is the carving of a ball and claw by Paul Pinchefsky (see below).

Paul represents true skill. The video demonstrates incredible skill with simple tools. There is no crazy branding, no folk music (I like folk but does every woodworking video need it ? :-) ) just straight up skill. For those wanting to brush up on some skills or in the need of some tutoring Paul runs woodworking classes in Dorset for very reasonable rates. I might even make the time to pay him a visit and learn some new skills.

And finally there's the good old Lost Art Press. Not that this crew need any promotion but the slick presentation, stimulating subjects and beautifully made furniture, workbenches and tool chests supporting the books draw you in time and time again. The most recent book on Campaign Furniture will I'm sure be a triumph and I look forward to purchasing a copy when it is available in the UK