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Record Plane Irons

How comforting it is to see a very nearly worn out plane iron. I must confess the stubby plane iron is not down to me, it was a recent purchase I could not resist. Many of us (myself included at times) are drawn to the new and shiny, the perfect example. But this one had me drawn in all the more. I wonder if a poll was taken how many a woodworker has worn themselves through even one plane iron? Sure there would be some but perhaps not as many as you'd think. If I'm blessed with enough time on this planet I'd love to think that when it is time for me to go all my bench chisels looked like butt chisels, all my place irons were down to the last little bit and my mallet ready to fall apart. And hopefully a few good pieces of furniture, joinery and various other projects in the wake of those tools. For me handling the unremarkable Record No.5 this iron belongs to was a great moment of reflection and a kick up the backside to make sure I keep on making things. There is still a little life in the plane iron and am very much looking froward to finishing it off.