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Creating Practice Runs and Templates

Woodworking Template

Whatever you like to call it, pattern, template, dry run it's fair to say it's a useful process. I'm currently working on the moulded plinth section and I wanted to get the shape to my liking. Grabbing a bit of scrap off the shelf and working out the look on a 1:1 scale worked great. It completely removes the risk of messing up your project wood. Once I'm happy with the look I can keep the template "on file" for the next time. The same is true of many details, if you're at that fork in the road on what to do grab a piece of ply or the like and draw your area out full size. Programmes like Sketch Up can be very helpful but drawing things out full size helps me more. The video for part 5 is coming along nicely and should be up soon. I also have the next project in mind to which should give me plenty more subjects to explore.