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Slim Double Glazing

If you have a house that has single glazed windows it may be possible to introduce double glazing. Slim double glazing can be made to fit into existing single glazed casements. This process can be relatively straight forward and is carried out by one of our experienced joiners to ensure you get a quality finished product. On some occasions it is more cost effective to make a new sash or casement, we can advise on which approach is best once a site visit has been completed.

Slim Double Glazed units are specifically designed for timber window with fine proportions. The appearance of Slim Double Glazed is virtually indistinguishable from single pane glazing once puttied into a window. They are therefore eminently suitable for ‘conservation’ or ‘listed  buildings’ providing replica windows yet with all the benefits of modern insulated double glazing.


  • Sightline – 7mm
  • Available cavity’s 4mm , 6mm and 8mm
  • Minimum timber rebate depth – 8/9mm
  • Minimum timber rebate width – 19mm
  • Choose from Float, Toughened, Low Iron, Patterned, Reproduction or Laminated glass options
  • Gas filling – Air, Argon or Krypton
  • Can achieve U-Values as low as 1.5 W/m2k