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Parana Pine For Sale
21st February 2018

Which leads me to a first. As much as I like to hoard interesting bits of wood (and I still will), I thought I'd try to offer some interesting pieces for sales. I have a few bits of Parana Pine listed on ebay as a start and I have some more of it to list, along with a few other nice bits of other species should there be any interest. Parana Pine is an interesting timber, it's not a true "Pine" and found favour for stair making and projects requiring very clear long sections.

Silent Partner
5th October 2014

The small treasure trove of family tools at my disposal often throws up an interesting thing or two. I did not know we even had this holdfast.

Core Tools
3rd October 2014

Are you new to woodworking or interested in a good solid core of hand tools?

Past Reality
1st October 2014

Firstly a big thank you to some clients of ours who were kind enough to let me use this image.

What We Did Last Week
29th September 2014

Not being a "writer" as such the idea of putting together a blog was a move outside of my comfort zone.

Uses for Holdfasts
25th September 2014

I don’t expect any of these photos I post when I have them will end up being earth shattering, after all, nothing new under the sun and all that.

Basic Boxes
23rd September 2014

I’m getting to grips with some paint making for my chest and making sure it's what I'm looking for.

Four Candles
21st September 2014

One of the things I notice most moving between wooden and metal planes is the drag on metal planes.

Parana Pine Find
17th September 2014

I try to avoid hoarding wood but I will make an exception. In a recent project we replaced a flight of stairs.