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Parana Pine For Sale
21st February 2018

Which leads me to a first. As much as I like to hoard interesting bits of wood (and I still will), I thought I'd try to offer some interesting pieces for sales. I have a few bits of Parana Pine listed on ebay as a start and I have some more of it to list, along with a few other nice bits of other species should there be any interest. Parana Pine is an interesting timber, it's not a true "Pine" and found favour for stair making and projects requiring very clear long sections.

Making shavings
26th March 2014

I was in two minds on what road I should take. Preparing the timber by machine or hand? I opted for hand as I wanted a bit of a workout!

7th March 2014

It's has been a really busy week in our workshop. Many orders out the door and plenty of new projects to start.

Make A Dovetail Template
2nd March 2014

This is nothing more than a blatant copy of the Dovetail Marker shown in "Modern Practical Joinery" by George Ellis pages 65 to 67.

25th February 2014

With the first project looming large one joint we will need to get our heads around is the dovetail.