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Parana Pine For Sale
21st February 2018

Which leads me to a first. As much as I like to hoard interesting bits of wood (and I still will), I thought I'd try to offer some interesting pieces for sales. I have a few bits of Parana Pine listed on ebay as a start and I have some more of it to list, along with a few other nice bits of other species should there be any interest. Parana Pine is an interesting timber, it's not a true "Pine" and found favour for stair making and projects requiring very clear long sections.

The Strop
4th February 2014

Picking up on a very valid question on the strop, here is a bit more detail on the Autosol product.

14th December 2013

With the next few articles I will be unable to contribute anything that has not be said or written before so forgive me for that.