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Bi Fold Wood Doors

Bi Fold doors offer a unique and practical way of adding another dimension to your house allowing you to open up a whole portion of your wall to the outside world. The modern Bi Fold wood door systems operate with ease combining the benefits of folding doors with the ability to keep the weather out with no corrosion worries.

With the increasing popularity of these doors over the years the quality of the hardware has improved massively. We like to advise our clients to use the latest hardware on our Bi Fold wooden doors which feature 316 Stainless Steel components, Polymer bearings and is tested to 250,000 cycles.

Details on these doors are normally clean and simple to further enhance the clean lines. Chamfers and spayed edges create a sleek look contributing to the impact of these doors.

Typical glazing is normally double glazing with energy saving glass

Accoya is an excellent timber to use on Bi Fold doors due to its inherent stability. Combine this with final decoration before fitting and you will have a smooth operating Bi Fold door for years to come. Our Bi Fold wooden doors are all hand made in Devon to the highest quality standards at our workshop in South Molton.