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Remote Surveys


Meeting our customers face-to-face is critically important to us. We will never remove that service and we are sure it will remain a huge portion of how we conduct our business.

But with modern pressures we respect that an on site visit might not always be the most suitable initial contact we have. Therefore we have invested in presenting our joinery services remotely. Here's how it works.


Phone us on 01769 572 134 or go to our contacts page and fill out the contact form at the end of the page with a brief description of what you're looking for and hit send! We'll then arrange a time with you to discuss your job. Before the remote survey, take some photos of the outside of your home, a landscape photo works best. This will give you the most benefit from the survey and allow us to present you an photo realistic guide of what your new windows and wooden doors would look like in position.


Our software will act as a virtual showroom as we communicate with you. We can show you different wood window and door layouts, how different wood finishes would look, how a paint finish would influence the overall appearance and much more besides. Regardless of how we interact with you, this system adds clarity to the process like never before. Here are some of the benefits;


  • The system works the same regardless of meeting in person or surveying joinery remotely.


  • See how changes in design will influence the look on your home or project as carefully presented designed are accurately positioned on photos.


  • Change types of wood and see which compliments your design aim best.


  • Select a variety of colours and discover how they look before you commission and work.


  • Add glazing bars and change the layout. Very useful when returning homes to original designs.


  • See different ironmongery in position on doors and windows.


  • A variety of panels can be applied to doors, for instance how does tongue and groove boarding vary from a raised and fielded panel?