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I wish I had taken some "work in progress" photos, but at times this project was a head scratcher for me and I was to focused on getting the job done. The Lean Too style is normally a pretty easy style to undertake. However, one of the issues on this project can be seen above below. I had a lead flashing transitioning into a lead gutter due to the meeting of the roofs. I'm not a lead worker but thankfully we work with a specialist subcontractor who is excellent. This is where extra days get added to a project as they can only be completed on site.

We do Simple too
21st November 2018

Our business survives on making unique items that can't be found in depots, merchants or retailers.

Solid Oak Vs Oak Veneer
5th November 2018

Nearly all timbers can be used as a solid wood or alternatively veneered onto a stable and cheaper core material.

Parana Pine For Sale
21st February 2018

Being a joinery workshop much of the timber we use is hidden, painted or from a few very popular species that gets used a lot.