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Stable Doors for Houses Made in Devon

Exterior stable doors, designed for a home are a very unique and practical type of door. They lend themselves very well to being a kitchen, back or porch door. Exterior stable doors have the unique ability to open the top half without the need to open the bottom half. This is a perfect solution for homes with pets or young children, as you can keep the lower half closed and keep the top open allowing circulation of fresh air. The exterior stable doors we make in our North Devon Joinery workshop include some of the following;


  • Double Glazing

  • Durable and Sustainable Hardwoods such as Red Grandis or Oak

  • Durable and Sustainable Softwoods such as Accoya or Abodo

  • Factory Finishing in Paint or Stain

  • Custom Made to Unique Profiles

  • Single Glazing  for Listed Buildings

  • Slimline Glazing for Heritage Projects

  • Mortice Locks, Dead locks or Multipoint Locks for Security

  • Traditional and Proven Joinery Methods used in the Construction


We supply and install our solid wood, exterior stable doors across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset This includes a visit to your home if required to discuss exactly what you're looking for and offer advice.  We'll measure and assess the best way to achieve the right result. We then provide a proposal for you to consider which will have itemised the fitting and door price as well as details regarding glass, locks and paint. We do also supply our stable doors on a supply only basis for you or your chosen contractor to install and have worked with a range of contractors over the years. However, we prefer to install our own stable doors whenever possible. 

Stable doors are just as just as energy efficient as any other door we make. Having your stable door made from timber means you get the inherent natural benefits of wood such as strength and insulation. You also get the real thing, no false grain patterns or foils that you find with other materials. Wood is also easy to repair if it becomes damaged. Other materials require more specialist work to repair defects. 

Using the right quality of solid wood to make your stable door is very important. To ensure we have a long term supply of wood into the future, we have moved to and encourage our clients to chose from timbers such as Red Grandis, Accoya and Tricoya along with old favorites such as Oak. These timbers are plantation grown from well managed-forests, durable and offer an excellent choice for a joiner making a stable door, while avoiding damaging our precious forests. Wood is a genuinely renewable resource!

We encourage clients to have their wooden stable doors factory finished. This involves having all the glazing and painting completed in our workshop before the stable door is delivered or installed. This ensures that durability and stability are maximised. However, we are happy to provide our wooden stable doors primed for our clients to apply coatings themselves. We use paints from leading supplies such as Teknos and Morrells for excellent durability. You can chose from a range of colours or have our us match a colour you have.

Stable Doors for your home can be tailored to suit a wide range of ironmongery. From tried and true sash locks, dead locks and bolts, to multipoint locking systems. Please discuss with us your requirements and we will be able to include this into your price and make a secure exterior stable door. Cat or dog flaps and can also be fitted to your stable door. We recommend that you select your own cat or dog flap and send it to us so we can install it to your door. Please note that the lowest point of a cat flap on our stable doors is around 200mm from the floor. If you have a special requirement regarding heights, please discuss it with us.

Working with you, we pick glass that is appropriate for wooden stable door that you're after. We use highly efficient double glazing featuring energy saving coatings such as Planitherm Total +, gas filling and warm edge spacer bars. For more historically sensitive projects single glazing with face putty, slim double glazing or leaded lights can be used.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your project or arrange a visit to our North Devon workshop please call 01769 572 134 or email us through our contacts page. G S Haydon supply bespoke hand made wood stable doors throughout Devon and Somerset custom created to your specifications.