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Slim Double Glazing

Slim Double Glazing is a modern solution to an old problem; how to retain traditional proportions and details in historic and traditional buildings. Combining Warm Edge Spacers, Gas Filling and Low Emissivity treatments into small sight lines, Slim Double Glazing offers significant energy saving.

Standard double glazed units will simply not fit into fine, traditional glazing bars found in Georgian, Regency and Victorian Windows. This creates confilict when wanting to save energy. In our experience it is impossible to gain Listed Building Consent for the use of Standard Double Glazing methods such as bulky glazing bars or applied glazing bars. It is only on close inspection and if you know what you're looking for you can spot slim double glazing.

Slim Double Glazing also reduces condensation significantly. When wanting to save energy it is usual to add draught resisitant seals to joinery. However if that is added to single glazed joinery it actually makes condensation worse. This is because there is no movement of air around the joinery or small gaps for the condensation to run through. Adding double glazing and seals significantly reduces condensation and and heat loss. However, controlled background ventilation to maintain healthy air changes in place of howling draughts should be considered to keep rooms healthy.

Although Slim Double Glazing is often approved for use in a Listed Building it is still essential that consent is still sought. We are able to help with that process. One of the most common applications is to make slim double glazed sash windows in place of the existing single glazed.

We do not manufacture double glazed units here, we purchase all our glazing from outside contractors. Having used Slim Double Glazing from various suppliers over the years we have only now found the confidence to promote their use where required. Our supplier has proved to be proactive and able to deliver quality products to us.

Lead times are longer than joinery glazed with standard Double Glazing or Single Glazing. If you have a project that needs to run on a tight schedule it is essential to plan well in advance. We also strongly recommend that joinery glazed with slim double glazing units are finished painted within our workshop before being installed. This gives the best possible chance of delivering the most durable product possible.

As you will be able to see in the images below, traditional details are easily retained when using the slim units