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Lift and Slide Wood Doors

Lift and Slide wood doors are a unique type of door, similar in concept to a Bi Fold door. The advantage of lift and slide is less door stiles to inhibit your view when the door is closed however the limitation is that there is always one panel in obstructing when in the open position. Lift and Slides wooden doors work best on very wide openings with stunning views or when large glazed areas are essential to the overall design of the project.

The lift and slide door works by operating the door handle which unlatches the door and in turn lifts the door up from its weather sealing track to allow the door to slide easily. When the handle is turned back it lowers the door back down into its weather tight position.

Durable hardwoods and Accoya are the best choice for these doors, combine this full decoration before fitting and you will have smooth sliding doors for years to come.

As with our Bi Fold wood doors, the detailing is usually clean and simple, chamfers and splayed edges enhance what is a very modern joinery concept.