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Interior Wooden Doors

Interior doors require a different level of attention than external doors. One common theme is the traditional time proven joinery. With many houses having non standard sizes we often need to replicate the designs of historical doors to fit within the fabric of the existing home.

Rot in not an issue with interior doors however stability is still required. To that end we like to use engineered softwood components on painted work and dry well seasoned hardwoods.

We also make linings and frames to suit our doors and we fit these on site too. Without the punishing weather the ironmongery chosen to compliment interior doors is wider with iron dressed in beeswax or un lacquered brass able to be used.

We rarely finish decorate internal doors but they must be stored or fitted in a dry environment and treated promptly after fitting.

Pocket door systems have also become a popular solution when chaging a room layout or adding an ensuite. While addidng a pocket door is not difficult it does require careful planning and fitting to ensure the door moves smoothly. If you require a custom or bespoke interior wood door made in Devon by a team of highly skilled craftsmen, please contact G S Haydon for a no obligation quote.