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Sliding Sash Windows

Our sliding sash window is a unique and traditional piece of joinery. The vertical sliding means that the window does not have any projections when open. Our windows can be operated with the traditional and time proven weights and pulleys or by modern spiral balances.

Our timber sliding sash windows are fitted with high performance draught seals and constructed from quality, durable joinery grade Hardwood, Softwood, Oak or even Accoya . In addition to this we can fit a range of fittings to your joinery such as thumb lifts and trickle vents.

We work closely with the client whether they are a private customer, trade or architect to get exactly what they need and want.

We can also make like for like copies of original joinery when required by personal taste or listed / conservation needs. These windows can be glazed with double-glazing, single glazing or in special cases supaslim heritage units (slim double glazing). Our double glazed windows comply with the latest high standards required by building regulations regarding heat loss.

If required we can also decorate and fit your joinery ensuring maximum durability. All of our windows are made in our Devon based workshop.