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Solid Wood Sash Windows Made in Devon

We produce a range of quality wood sash windows in our North Devon Workshop. We have worked on refurbishing ancient sash windows from the 1670's right through to making and installing new modern double glazed sash windows to meet current standards across North Devon, Devon, Exmoor, Dartmoor and West Somerset. Our sash window services can include:


  • Double Glazed Sash Windows

  • Sash Windows made from Durable and Sustainable Hardwoods such as Red Grandis or Oak

  • Sash Windows made from Durable Softwoods such as Accoya and Abodo

  • Factory Finishing in Paint or Stain

  • Custom Made to Replicate Unique Sash Windows

  • Single Glazed Sash Windows for Listed Buildings 

  • Slimline Glazed Sash Windows for Heritage Projects

  • Refurbishment and Repair of Sash Windows


Sash Windows (also known as Sliding Sash Windows or Box Sash Windows) are a highly innovative design that have been with us for sometime, most evidence points to mid 17th century as the time of introduction. Some of the wonderful qualities about sash windows are the fine balance of the moving sash that allows the windows to partially open at the top and bottom allowing a gentle ventilation to be maintained. In addition vertically sliding sashes do not hinge outwards like a door or casement. This allows for larger and finer designs than can normally be achieved with other designs such as wooden casement windows and also prevents issues such as windows opening over a pavement or getting caught in the wind.


With sash windows being part of our unique built environment and heritage it is essential we take time to discuss with our clients about details that are essential to retain. In the case case of replacement wooden windows for listed buildings this can mean ensuring the sash window is a “like for like” reconstruction of an existing design, mirroring as close as possible elements of design such as glazing bar size, mouldings and proportions. It is not unusual to find shutters or panelled reveals on Victorian and Georgian sash windows. Shutters, that are often neglected, can with care be made to work again.


Sash windows can be operated by various counter balance methods. The two most common methods are weights on ropes and pulleys (normally found on single glazed work) and spiral balances (normally found on double glazed work). Both systems work well and can be easily serviced. Many old sash windows need sash cords adjusting during refurbishment work or a spiral balance replacing on more windows, thankfully these are relatively simple jobs.


To ensure a sash window is sympathetic to its setting, complys with regulations regulations and the clients needs a range of ironmongery can be specified. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian fasteners and sash lifts all add important detailing. Ironmongery for Sash windows are available in a range of finishes such as brass, stainless steel, chrome or bronze.


We are happy to provide our sash windows on a supply only basis or a supply and fit. When a supply and fit is required we will carefully measure and guide you through what is involved. Many sash windows can only be fitted from the inside of the building. This is because very often, sash windows produced after the 1770’s were set into heavily checked revelas with only a small portion of the box frame showing. Although this was a detail introduced in London, the style soon filtered through the country and was copied so sash windows in Devon are no exception. When this occurs significant making good could be required. Fortunately we are able to deal with the making good required or work with an appropriate sub contractor to ensure the job is left neat and tidy.


The most common glazing we use in our sash window work is single glazing or double glazing. Where single glazing is used the glass is bedded in with face putty in the traditional manner. The glass can be simple float glass reproduction or where possible using existing sash glass. Where double glazing is used the double glazed units are held into the sashes using beading. Double glazed units are highly efficinet and normally feature an energy saving coating such as Planitherm Total +, gas filling and warm edge spacer bars. This helps reduce condensation and heat loss.


Our Sash windows featue discrete draught seals to ensure draught resistand performace and smooth opearation. Where security is of concern or the sash windows are to be used in a new build or change of use situation we are able to provide windows that comply with Part Q of the building regulations.


If you are interested in having new sash windows made in North Devon, Devon, Exmoor, Dartmoor and West Somerset we would love to hear from you please call us on 01769 572 134 or email is through our contacts page.