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Refurbishment for Wooden Joinery

As well as repairs, retro fitting seals and adding double glazing where appropriate, we can also offer a redecoration service for your joinery. If your windows have started to look tired we are able to help. Over the many years as a joinery company we have learnt what works and what doesn't. We can supply you with our expertise and knowledge ensuring you get a professionally repaired item.

It's not unusual for us to visit a client who wants new windows, only to end up repairing the joinery they have. You see, we're not in the business of selling you something you don't need. If your joinery is worth repairing we encourage you to consider that path. It can be a better use of time, materials and recources than just throwing away what you have. This is the benefit you get when dealing with us, a family business that does't have sales tagrets to meet.

Repairs can be very difficult to price accurately. Typically a client will have a few items of joinery that require repair or refurnbishment. We agree on an estimated cost and then like to progress with just one item so both you and us are happy with the actual time and cost required to get defective joinery back to an appropriate condition for your situation.

We have the benefit of a modern workshop where we can replicate existing profiles found on old joinery to ensure original details are retained. We have worked on some incredibly early sash wooden windows dating from the early 1680's that were originally from Stowe House in Kilkhapton which was dimolished in 1739. 

We have a stock of old reclaimed glass which has allowed us to repair very old windows and joinery sympathetically. If our stock of old glass is running low we are able to obtain old restoration glass to ensure a good match.