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Victorian Elegance - A Sash Window Transformation

Sash Windows Exmoor


Some projects take time to unfold, revealing their true beauty only when the stars align. Such was the case with our recent endeavor to sympathetically replace plastic windows in a Victorian home, where every detail mattered, especially the windows. We don't hard sell clients. We simply listen, discuss and put forward a proposal. In this case the client was not ready to progress for two years. But we didn't call and force the job. When you're ready, we're ready.


The challenge was clear: the clients inherited windows, weary plastic fixtures well past their prime, stood in stark contrast to the home's historical charm. But we had a really helpful roadmap—a single original sash window and also an old photograph offered a glimpse into the past and a plan for the future.


Wood Sash Window Devon
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Drawing inspiration from the original features of a bygone era, we embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the home. We carefully replicated the unique profile of the decorative horns, the subtle curvature of the outer box frame, and the grace of the central glazing bar. But we didn't stop there. Embracing modern advancements, we combined the timeless design with efficient double glazing, ensuring both comfort and sustainability for years to come.


In today's world it is essential to combine craftsmanship and innovation. Traditional joinery techniques merge seamlessly with contemporary enhancements. Draught-proofing technology, unobtrusive yet effective, now provided assurance against the chill of winter. And in a nod to practicality, trickle vents painted to match the windows discreetly adorned the frames, allowing for controlled ventilation without compromising aesthetics.



Double Glazed Sash Windows
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For us, the true joy lies in harmonizing heritage with functionality. Preserving the integrity of original design features whilst enhancing the home's livability is a testament to our commitment to quality. Through years of dedication, we've honed our craft to deliver sash windows that not only evoke nostalgia, but also embody modern convenience.


The hallmark of our success lies in the smooth operation of each window. Traditional weights and pulleys, a proven system over hundreds of years, ensure effortless balance and ease of maintenance—a timeless solution for a timeless design.


Sash Window Angel Lock
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While the journey from proposal to fruition spanned two years, the wait proved invaluable. Every moment invested in meticulous planning and execution was repaid in the satisfaction of achieving perfection—for the building, and most importantly, for our client.


In restoring original Victorian design, we've not only revitalized a home but also preserved a piece of history for generations to come. With each sash window, we celebrate the marriage of tradition and innovation, a testament to the enduring allure of timeless design. If you have a sash window restoration project in Devon you would like to discuss, please give us a call on 01769 572 134


Victorian Sash Horn
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Sash Window Photo
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