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Preserving History - Elm Storage Unit

refurbishing an elm storage unit

In a world where mass-production dominates, there's still a need to creating something unique and timeless. Such was the case when we embarked on this project that involved repurposing reclaimed elm doors into a stunning storage unit. In this article, we'll take you through the journey of how we turned scarcity into opportunity, carefully capturing existing details, and reusing materials to create a functional yet visually captivating storage solution.


The scarcity of elm is a result of Dutch elm disease, a sad chapter for one of our most beloved trees. Therefore the pressure was on, we couldn't affort to waste what we had been given. Our client possessed a collection of original elm doors that bore witness to the past and other versions were present within the building. Each door carried its own history, its own narrative etched in the grain and patina. Acknowledging the importance of preserving this legacy, we embarked on a journey to give these doors a new purpose.


With the rarity of elm wood making it impractical for creating an entire framework, we faced a pivotal decision: how to bridge the gap between the existing doors and the supporting structure. Carefully selected oak wood emerged as the perfect contender, its durability and warmth harmonizing seamlessly with the reclaimed elm. Through meticulous staining and craftsmanship, we ensured that the oak retained its authenticity while harmonizing flawlessly with the doors' natural charm.


The storage unit's destined home was a building steeped in history, a treasure trove of original features waiting to be accentuated. Our approach was not just about creating a functional unit but also about paying homage to the building's heritage. The woodwork that adorned the space served as a source of inspiration, and we sought to create a storage unit that seamlessly blended with the surroundings. By carefully studying and mirroring the architectural nuances, we managed to create a piece that felt like it had always belonged.


In an era where convenience and the lowest coption option often takes precedence, this project was a poignant reminder of the value of time and patience. Crafting something exceptional from reclaimed materials demanded more than just skill—it required a deep appreciation for the process. Countless hours were invested in meetings with the client, brainstorming sessions to maximize the potential of the reclaimed materials, and meticulous finishing that paid tribute to the character of the wood. The decision to embrace the challenges of repurposing rather than opting for new materials highlighted the commitment to authenticity.


The culmination of this journey was a testament to the power of imagination and dedication. The reclaimed elm doors, once mere remnants of the past, were transformed into an extraordinary storage unit that didn't just encase belongings but also encapsulated stories. The marriage of reclaimed elm and carefully stained oak spoke of the harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation. Moreover, the unit's ability to effectively enclose services while serving as a storage solution demonstrated the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.


The creation of this storage unit was not just a project—it was a testament to the value of reimagining, repurposing, and revitalizing. By embracing the scarcity of elm wood, we turned a challenge into an opportunity to create something exceptional. The infusion of history, craftsmanship, and dedication breathed life into reclaimed materials, offering a lesson in patience and authenticity. This storage unit stands as a reminder that true artistry requires time, thought, and a deep connection to the materials we work with.