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A Bespoke Timber Door - Made to Measure

Bespoke Mde to measure door devon

This recent commision is ready to be collected by our client so they can install it themselves and fit their chosen hardware. One of our strenghts is being able to tailor make our joinery to match our clients exact needs. 


In this instance the client wanted a door they felt was more secure than their existing door. They felt their existing door was too vulnerable to having the panels broken through. We matched the design of the existing door so from the outside nothing looks different. The panels that were only previously 9mm at the edges are now 53mm thick solid wood, making breaking through them incredibly time consuming and noisy job. 

Although we normally fit hardware to our doors the client wanted to reuse their own. We don't belive in aggresive sales. We did take the time to discuss the benefits of a robust multi-point locking system but this wasn't something the client wanted to persue. No problem! Reusing perfectly serviceable hardware is a very good idea.


We did however recommend us hanging the door on four heavy duty stainless steel hinges which we all agreed on. This meant we could hang the door saving precious time on site but also we were able to fully coat the door using our spray system in a colour matched to the clients existing door. 

Hardwood Doors Devon
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We took time to make sure all details were matching. We made a copy of the weather bar in the original ogee profile. The mouldings on the outside framework are moulded with an ovolo profile and carefully joined for a seamless finish. We even painted the hardwood threshold, something we don't normally do as exposed timber is a more practical solution.

Custom Weather Bar for Doors
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Lastly we finished the door off using a toughened obscured double glazing panel replicating the esisting. Obscure or "textured" glass is a smart way to create some privacy and it's available in a wide variety of styles to suit the situation.


If you need a made to measure door made from wood with custom details please call us on 01769 572 134 or fill out our contacts form

Obscure Glass
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