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Replacement Sash Windows

Abodo Sash Windows

Here, we present a bespoke sash window crafted from durable, carbon-negative, and sustainable Abodo wood. This particular sash window was meticulously re-created as an exact replica of an existing window that had deteriorated beyond economical repair. Preserving and replicating essential features like windows is crucial for the preservation of our historical buildings.


In the case of this window, we took the extra step of reusing the original glass. Glass, often overlooked, plays a significant role in maintaining the authentic look of original joinery. While new machine-made glass tends to be flat and featureless, handmade glass exhibits charming ripples and imperfections. Although the use of reclaimed or new restoration glass may incur additional costs, it's a consideration well worth making to ensure that windows retain their intended appearance.


As a joinery workshop specializing in low-volume work, we possess the capability to replicate moldings to perfectly match the originals. Ensuring that each detail aligns with the original is paramount in our approach. Like all traditional sash windows, the sashes in our design operate using weights and pulleys. This simple yet reliable method of counterbalancing is so proven that it continues to be employed in modern windows.


Prior to installation, the window undergoes a thorough painting process in controlled conditions within our workshop. Paired with the stability of Abodo wood, this meticulous coating procedure maximizes the chances of an extended service life for the window. Additionally, we take pride in handling the installation ourselves, providing an extra level of responsibility. This approach allows us to be the sole point of contact for the entire job.


If you have bespoke wooden sash windows in need of special care and attention, please feel free to reach out to us at 01769 572 134.