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Are Stable Doors Secure?

Are Stable Doors Secure?


Are stable doors as secure as a normal door? Stable doors have the potential to be very secure. Although they are constructed in two opening sections, stable doors can be fitted with a multi locking point mechanism or a combination of traditional sash locks and deadlocks. Let's look at this in more detail.


Stable doors, also known as half hatch doors, can provide a certain level of security for homes, but their ultimate effectiveness ultimately depends on various factors.


  1. Door Construction: The overall construction quality and material of the stable door play a crucial role in determining its security. Our solid wood stable doors are and ideal foundation for a secure door.

  2. Locking Mechanisms: The type of locks installed on a stable door is essential for good security. We use BS rated sash locks in the upper door and a BS rated Deadlock in the lower door. Alternatively, quality multipoint locking systems can be used. Substantial hinges and a securely fixed frame also help keep things secure.

  3. Location and Usage: The level of security needed may vary depending on where the stable door is installed in your home. For example, if the stable door is used as a primary entrance, it should meet higher security standards compared to a door leading to locked back garden or patio.

  4. Additional Security Measures: You can further enhance the security of a stable door by adding peepholes or consulting with a security comapny to install security cameras, or an alarm system. These measures can act as deterrents and provide additional layers of protection.


It's important to note that while stable doors can be very secure, they may not offer the same level of security as a solid, single-piece door. The divided nature of stable doors introduces vulnerabilities at the point where they separate, potentially making them more susceptible to forced entry.


However, a properly constructed stable door would be secure for most domestic settings. We'd be happy to discuss your proposed stable door with you. Call us on 01769 572 134 or send us an email on our contacts page.