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Bench Pegs

The bench peg is perhaps the most humble of appliances that you can use on a British bench. Bench pegs are still mentioned in later joinery books such as “R.Bayliss Carpentry & Joinery” form 1961. However they do become largely redundant during the later part of the 20th century as the need to work long edges of boards at the bench has almost gone in comercial joinery workshops due to machine work.

Follow this link to my pinterest site where you will see a wonderful image of two British style workbenches from the Williamsburg museum. These early style benches have a lot of bench peg positions to allow a wide range of support locations. Notice too the benches are flat topped with no tool tray and look very much like the bench described and shown in Peter Nicholson’s book I mentioned in an earlier post. I just hope my bench looks as good as those in the Willimasburg workshops. Next time, hold fasts.