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As I edge closer to finishing my tool chest build there is certainly one joint I have been able to practice more than any other. The dovetail. And in this case the through dovetail. If you are interested on how I cut my dovetails take a look at my How To Dovetail post.

The dovetail joint is attractive, strong and is the traditional method of joining boards at right angles to make drawers, chests and boxes.

It’s not a joint we often use making general joinery so it did take a moment to reacquaint myself with the joint. However after cutting 108 in total we are now close friends again.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of cutting dovetail joints by hand is being able to create your own proportions rather than those dictated to you by a router jig. The contrast of smaller pins and larger tails shown above creates a traditional appearance.

How do you cut yours?

The Drawers or Tills. Ready to fit into the tool chest
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