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Fresh Look To The Reception

Joinery Workshop Devon

An overhall of our reception area was well overdue. There is still a bit more to do, add some pictures of completed projects, a toch of paint here or there but it's basically done.

We took the oppertunity to display a custom workbench. This is a "slow burning" concept, you'll here more as and when we are happy with the finish direction of this.

Custom Workbench UK
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We also saved someimage plates form Peter Nicholson's 19th Century "Practical Carpentry, Joinery, Cabinet-Making" and framed them for display.

Peter Nicholson Joinery Images
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Finally my two jack planes, brocures, reading material and couple small examples of our work. Hopefully these touches will make a visit to our workshop more enjoyable.

Jack Planes
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Joinery Workshop Reception
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