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Six Board Chest Escutcheon

I like to get the ironmongery in at the start of a project. It gives you time to review the fittings to make sure it's going to work well with the piece. I have been put in positions by designers who have gone to great lengths to create an interesting concept only to find their chosen ironmongery just will not work or even worse nothing will work. In many cases it can be worthwhile working backward from the ironmongery. I purchased the ironmongery for this project from ABC Ironmongery. To be quite honest I think their website stinks, however they are really helpful, prices are good and the quality feels right for period style projects. Considering the piece I wanted to get an appropriate escutcheon, the chest on my pinterest board appears to of once had one. I went for the one shown above. Now if any period furniture buff's are reading this I know that these selections may no be historically correct, truth be told I don't really mind about that. As long as it looks good to me that's all I'm worried about.

Six Board Chest Hinge
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On the hinge side of things I was unsure just what I would find. I thought I might need to improvise a Tee Hinge or just go with a butt hinge. It was pleasing to find box hinge shown above that looks like it will do the job just fine. I also grabbed a Chest Lock too, the same type I used on my tool chest. In addition I will be adding a child friendly lid stay to prevent crushed fingers.

Six Board Chest Lock
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