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Linseed Oil Paint and Accoya Windows

External Linseed Oil Paint



I'm always delighted to help anyone with questions about joinery. I've just had one submitted from our contacts page Rather than just share my experience with that one individual I feel it would be good to share it with a wider audience. Here's the question;


"I am contacting you from Australia so not a potential client unfortunately. Sorry. I hope you would still be happy to clarify for me if you are happy with the linseed oil paint on external Acccoya (in our case windows) and which brand please? Is it maintained by just re oiling annually?"


Yes! We have been very happy with how linseed oil paint has worked on Accoya wood. In contrast, dense hardwoods such as African Iroko (or if you're in Australia Jarrahhave proven to be less successful. As Accoya wood is a modified softwood it seems the linseed oil paint keys into the surface and is absorbed really well while still building up a good surface film. With the denser hardwoods the linseed oil paint seems to stay on the surface and take an age to dry!



Accoya Windows Devon
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Regarding brands I'll give a nod to a Devon supplier Mike WyeThey have been working with traditional building materials and methods for years and in my view experience really counts. Follow the link above and read through the information provided for plenty of detail. I appreciate Mike won't be exporting to Aus but he might put you in touch with a supplier. Just to clarify, I get no financial gain by mentioning Mike Wye, my guess would be they might not even know we exist! I would always recommend trying any paint system that is new to you, regardless of type, on a small trial section first, right up to the finish coat. Then leave it for a few weeks to make sure it's living up to expectations. If you're happy then it's time to apply the paint.


In our experience linseed oil will not require repainting every year. It has proven to be very durable on external joinery. However! Be aware that every elevation of a building is exposed to different levels of weathering. We always recommend checking over your joinery once or twice a year. Take the time to clean the surfaces and if required and make good any coatings as required.


I hope this helps and you have a good experience with linseed oil paint. if you'd like to have quality items of joinery made from Accoya please get in touch on 01769 572 134 or contact us via our contacts form.



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