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Making shavings

Six Board Chest

I was in two minds on what road I should take. Preparing the timber by machine or hand? I opted for hand as I wanted a bit of a workout! There is also that lovely noise of shavings from pine and the zesty smell that fills the air. My wooden jack is a dream for this job, the weight and almost friction free sole make for easy work. As the width of boards is only 225mm some edge gluing was required. To do this I jacked & tryed the wood to a decent level leaving plenty of meat for final stock prep. The edge glue is just that, long grain to long grain glue joint. No need for splines or tongues with the strength of modern adhesives.

I sit here also editing the first video for this project. I feel it's much improved over my very early vids but it's still rather raw. One thing I'm not a fan of in videos is to much talking. My big problem is combining talking and doing to quicken the pace. I will do my best to improve that for video two. lighting is also something I'm playing with just now. Sadly video quality is not going to be much better for the foreseeable future. It is HD but with the quality of videos out there my offering does perhaps look a little raw. If you do have any feedback on the videos I would be pleased to hear it.

Also, the motivation is a simple one, I'm enjoying the the challenge of sharing some of what I enjoy doing. I hope if any potential clients find these videos they will see we do try our best to deliver quality work and we care about what we do. Also if other people interested in woodworking get some enjoyment so much the better.