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Making a Six Board Chest - Part 5

I hope Part 5 has you entertained, it is an epic length episode so feel free to have an interval! Anyhow the finish line seems to be getting closer and I'm looking forward to getting some finish on the chest. I had thought of using milk paint as I had on my tool chest. However as much as I was pleased with the finish on the tool chest I had my eyes turned onto alternative and dare I say it more appropriate finishes. I'm naturally interested in things that have gone before and separate to this project I have been thinking about traditional paint finishes on the old (1920's and earlier) joinery I see on my travels for some time. I've always known it was "lead paint" but beyond that I knew little except that it was toxic. However I started to learn that "lead paint" as I knew it is a traditional finish using linseed oil. A traditional oil paint if you will. So therefore if you make this paint without lead (which you can) you have a highly appropriate finish.

I was nudged into the direction of Stephen Shepard's work on the subject by the Eaton County Woodworker . The book has been a great help. I have the supplies on the way and look forward to making my own paint (or making a mess of it) in a traditional way. There are also places where you can buy linseed oil paint ready to go, Histocolour is one of the sources we have used when clients have requested a linseed oil paint.