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Moving a Bookcase

Painted Fitted Bookcase Devon

This is the second time we've worked on the same bookcase. Shown above is our 2016 effort, below is around 2007 when we originally made and fitted the piece. One of the great things about painted furniture is it can be more readily adapted for a different situation. The catalyst here was an extension added to the house which made the original location unsuitable. However a new spot was found and we set the bookcase up and it looks great in it's new location. It's incredible just how much has changed within the 9 years when we first installed the bookcase in terms of how we share our portfolio. As you'll notice from the image below, we were in a situation where we took photos and printed them to pop in a photo album. Now we're lucky to have a website that we can add our work to, the qulity of the images is improved too.

Another factor with painted furniture is the mix of materials it allows us to use. Although MDF is not viewed as a "premium" material, the fact is it works superbly well for many aspects of painted and fitted furniture. Backs of units, short shelves and panels are some of the areas where this material can prove its worth. Nearly all the issues with MDF come from it being used in the wrong application. As with any material, if you know it's strenghts and weaknesses you can use it accordingly.

Paint also allows for changes to happen over time. if areas are damaged a repair is easily made and overpainted. Or if alternative room layouts require different colours the whole piece can be chaged quickly and easily. Ironmongery can also be swapped with any change of location normally well disguissed. Most of our furniture is hand painted which also gives a less clinical look and is well suited to older homes. Hopefully the bookcase will reside in it's current location for a good long while, but if it does need moving I'm sure we'll be able to adapt it as required.

Bookcase Devon
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