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Popular Woodworking

Cast Steel Chisel

I always try to be open to new opportunities and welcome pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Any writing is not the most natural thing for me to do. But I do enjoy it and so I aim to make the best of my time writing for Popular Woodworking . I've been given free reign to write about whatever I want so you can expect content very similar to what you have seen so far. There is no long term guarantee but I hope I can keep people interested. The idea is I'll submit once a week and I can drop in videos etc so there will be very little changing, projects will also be included. So what's in store for my writing here? Well, if things don't work out I will be back here writing as normal. Because this is fun and a passion for me I'm unlikely to stop no matter the headwind. However while I am able to write for Popular Woodworking it's likely my posts here will slow down a little, possibly once a week. I'm also very grateful for anyone who has left encouraging and kind comments on the various corners of the internet and thanks also to anyone who has taken the time to leave comments on this blog over the few years I've been doing it. The conversation with other people is something I enjoy the most and I hope that continues. I'll be posting links to this blog and the Popular Woodworking in the G S Haydon facebook feed I'm looking forward to it and I hope the new chapter is a good one.