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Preparing the Aprons

Bench Aprons
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If there is one thing that defines a typical British joiners bench it’s those wide aprons. These aprons provide extra rigidity to the bench, reinforce the typically thinner top and provide a location for bench pegs or holdfasts. I have reflected Peter Nicholson’s pattern for bench pegs on the apron.

I did a little experiment on some scrap wood using an 18mm bit to bore a hole to see if the Richard Maguire Tomes Holdfast would work well in the 38mm – 1.5″ apron and bench top. I had my concerns as nearly all holfasts I have seen have been used in thicker French style tops. I need not had worried, they clamped down very hard hard indeed.

All the holes were bored with an old Stanley brace and bit. Nothing special, plastic handles, pitted chrome, still worked like a dream though. Kinda tool you can pick up for next to nothing on e-bay or at a car boot sale.

Workbench Build Aprons
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