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Six Board Chest

Chest 1

Something I've wanted to try for a while is a video project on my blog. Time and inspiration have been against me but with necessity, that mother of creation, stepping in to lend a hand I'm ready to give it a try. I need 3 simple robust pieces that will satisfy some storage needs at home. The six board chest seems to tick that box perfectly. Looking for inspiration I created a Pinterest board so I could scapbook ideas. One of the wonderful things about our modern age is access to information. I shudder to think how much time and effort would of been required to contrast ideas before the advent of the internet.

It's clear to see if you look through the images that basically anything goes! I have focussed on nailed or pegged construction over dovetails for speed. Durability of this simple construction is a non issue, you only need to see the dates on some of these pieces to see how long lasting these basic chests are. If nails make you shudder then use screws & plugs, the same result in a different way from my perspective.

Chest 2

Three designs caught my eye, the one at the top was described as an oak six board coffer. A coffer is a strong box and normally has panelled reliefs. I have oak suitable for this project and the dark tones and tough timber will make it ideal for one of the chests. The one in the middle is a really pleasing piece. I actually prefer the side that has a broken off scroll! And finally the one below. I will use European Redwood for the painted piece. Euro Redwood is a widely available utility pine in the UK, Douglas Fir or Eastern White Pine would also be good options for the painted chests.

Chest 3

I'm not going to try a build these items using only period tools, I just want to get the job done. The tools I will use will be simple to underline the simple pieces.