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Low Level Access Equipment

This article from Browns Ladders about low level access equipment. Hopefully this article will provide you with some good information on access equipment and how to use it safely.

Are you a carpenter with no idea what access equipment to use? Can’t quite reach the areas that you need to work on and don’t know what the ladders would be to best to get the job done quickly and safely?

Don’t worry! Browns Ladders is here to help with a run down of the best types of ladders for carpentry use.


If you need to stand on a step ladder for a long time when working, you may want to think about getting an extra large standing platform. Getting one much larger than a standard step ladder platform will really help you get the job done faster.

Remember though, if you plan on standing on the platform for a long time, get step ladders with handrails that go above the platform so you can stand on it safely.


There’s no one size fits all work platform – but if you plan to use it often for different jobs, safety is the order of the day,

In particular, make sure it’s fully guarded around your body, and make sure it can accommodate two people.

In particular, you need to be able to assemble it and dismantle it quickly with minimum lightweight components required.

If you want something a little higher, you can get a low level access tower. This allows for more flexibility in different working heights. It would be a good move to get a 6 rung frame so there is more choice.


You don’t just have to get aluminium ladders. If you plan on working near electricity, fibreglass will do the trick.

Since the stiles are non conductive to 30,000 volts, there should be no electrocution.


Do a lot of different types of jobs? Why not get a multipurpose ladder? They can change shape to adapt to any job.

They can be used on stairs, as extension ladders, work platforms, multi-height or step ladders. These are probably the only ladders a carpenter will ever need.


Not much space in your van? Have you thought about getting one of the most innovative access products in recent years?

Telescopic ladders extend, rung-by-rung so they can be used at multiple heights. Therefore, they can compact to an incredibly small length.

You can also get combination ladders that are telescopic. Use them as step ladders, extension ladders or stairwell ladders.

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