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What is a Purchase Order?

Joinery Purchase Order
Purchase Order for Bespoke Joinery
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Purchase Order Joinery
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A Purchase Order is a document we submit to a client. It lists the itmes of joinery a client is agreeing to buy, alongside prices, quantaties and specifications.


Because a Purchase Order clearly lists items, quantities, specifications and prices there is a reduction in risk of getting orders wrong.


Rememeber, everything we produce is custom made and can't be reused or restocked. It has value to our client and their specific need but not to anyone else. In fact, it becomes a liability and would need to be disposed of.


Issuing a Purchase Order to our clients allows them to keep track of what they've bought from us. It's an important part of record keeping.


If you want to progress a joinery project with us it's very important to that we receive a signed Purchase Order from you. It becomes a binding contract between us and our clients. Both we and our clients will be able to refer back to a document and be able to resolve any disputes.


Our Purchase Orders are nearly always single-use Purchase Orders. This is an agreemment for one order of joinery which remains in place until all the items of joinery work have been completed.

The Process, Step-by-Step


Here's what you can expect from the process. After our initial discussions and estimates with our client we will be ready to formalise the process.


  • We create a Purchase Order for the work and send it to you you. 
  • You review the document carefully, including the terms and conditions.
  • If you are unsure ask a question before signing and returning the Purchase Order. There are technical terms that may be difficult to understand. Don't sign until you are are satisfied you are completely happy with everything.
  • Sign the Purchase Order and return it to us. Email if fine, so is post. Use whichever makes you feel most comfortable. If you do post it, make sure to take a copy for your records.

We need a Purchase Order before we start your project.


We will not start your project until you have sent us your signed Purchase Order.


We are always working with multiple clients and therefore we have multiple clients with Purchase Orders issued to them. If we receive another clients Purchase Order before yours, their work will take priority.


If you delay returning your signed Purchase Order your project could be delayed. We will not be able to hold a place in our production schedule. This would be unfair to other clients wanting work done and it would be unfair to us. We need the commitment of a signed Purchase Order so we can move your project forward.