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Why Choose Wood Windows

Plastic, aluminium and other materials do have their place, but for an authentic period home, timber windows are essential. They may be a little more expensive but they ensure the original charm of a period home is retained. With certain properties they really are a must, otherwise you could detract from their value, break listed building rules and destroy our valuable heritage. If you own a period home always check with you local planning office for guidance. 

Wooden windows have been with us for a long time and have evolved along with our building styles. Windows of the past were well made from durable timbers; many examples are still with us today. Unfortunately the reputation of timber windows and doors suffered during the last part of the 20th century due to a focus only on bottom line cost. This of course prompted a huge surge in the use of Plastic or PVCu.

Although PVCu does have it’s applications and can sometimes be a good choice, it is not always the answer, especially in old houses. With chunky sections and clumsy lines they are not always the best choice for a period home. Many areas of the country have lost massive parts of our collective architectural heritage due to the indiscriminate fitting of inappropriate PVCu windows. It is truly sad to see this loss. No surprise that English Heritage will not allow plastic windows for older or listed properties. Click HERE for building conservations website.

On the plus side a renaissance in our interest in the built environment has prompted us to consider our buildings more carefully. If you are thinking of having windows fitted review all the options carefully and ask your local joiner for a price. You may well be surprised at how much value well made timber windows and doors could add to your home.