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Woodworking - No Talking

Here's the first of a couple of videos I've got finished up. The idea with this video was "Woodworking - No Talking". As much as I enjoy a good "how to video" I thought it would be nice just to have a "do" video. Why? Well sometimes I think it's nice to just watch a process, to see the workflow and absorb how people go about a process. Talking is often essential to getting a point across but it makes the process less natural. Some initial feedback from this idea seems positive, with that in mind when I do my "how to" I'll add a "do". Once the boarded chest is done I have a nice quick project that I hope to get done in three or four videos (Ken, it should tie in nicely with the wood I sent you) with a one or two "how to" and "do" thrown in. Anyway, here is the first video, not great granted but I will make sure I think about it a bit more next time to give it a bit more edge.